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 Post Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:19 pm 

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The Assault Wing core development team had a meeting this week where we decided what we will focus on in the coming weeks and months. Here's an overview of what was decided.

  • Ship modification Shield. Shield would protect your ship for a second or two, blocking most of the damage you would receive from hits during that time.
  • Secondary weapon Cone of Power. Cone of Power would be a close-to-middle range weapon, causing damage over an area. The area would extend a short distance around your ship and a longer distance towards where you are heading. The weapon would fire pretty often, making it ideal for crowded fights.
  • A new arena with a new theme and/or extend current arenas to fit a larger amount of players.
  • Change how ships spawn. Currently your ship is inactive for a couple of seconds, letting other pilots prepare for instakilling(tm) you when you become active. The new spawn style would let you fly around while being inactive for a few seconds, giving you a change to escape campers.
  • Stylize the Battlefront pages to fit the graphical image of the front page and the forums. Also keep extending statistics.
  • Enable messaging from the server into the game, providing insightful notes like "Your rating improved to 4th, past Chapelier".
  • Enable launching Assault Wing and joining a game server directly from the website. This one-click-join service would be accompanied by some basic displays and options such as an online player count and equipment selection.

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