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Author:  Chapelier [ Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:24 am ]
Post subject:  Weapons!

We're planning to implement one or several new special weapons to Assault Wing. I want to open the discussion also to the public. You might have good ideas and I don't want to miss them!

Here's my personal list of weapons I'm considering to implement. (No, I'm not promising anything yet!)

  • Photon Sword. A weapon of short range, requires only some aiming, and is guaranteed to do a lot of damage in skillful hands. Think of it as a mix between a light sabre and a flashlight. When you shoot, you produce a wide cone of light, maybe up to 180 degrees ahead of you. The cone would reach only some 300 pixels out. Everything in the cone is damaged lightly and continuously. The cone contracts quickly and as its area decreases, the damage it inflicts increases. For best effect, keep your target in the light cone for the whole duration (say, 1-2 seconds).
  • Machine Gun. I've heard several requests for a machine gun type of weapon. Okay! I'm not a fan of machine guns but I'm thinking it could be one whose bullets travel instantaneously across their range. The range could be limited to some 500-1000 pixels to avoid ridiculous kills from very long distances. The weapon would shoot a rapid burst lasting some 1-2 seconds. Damage would be quite high.

Author:  Chapelier [ Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weapons!

We're in the process of implementing a new weapon which goes by the name Fusion Cone. It is related to Photon Sword described above. Fusion cone does area damage and can be highly useful in large battles where ships swarm in a tight pack. Fusion cone also shares with Bugger's lightning gun the useful feature of extending over and beyond walls. I expect Fusion Cone have its premiere in a coming Assault Wing update in a week or a few.

There's also a new ship modification that has been implemented but is still in the process of initial balancing. It's succinctly called Shield. It protects against any damage for a short period of time. The more damage it blocks, the more modification energy it sucks. When mod energy runs out, it won't block damage. Best used wisely.

Yet more, there is a new arena in the making! It goes by the name Alien World and it's going to be larger than any of the other arenas.

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