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Invisible walls, ship hull missing?
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Author:  Chapelier [ Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Invisible walls, ship hull missing?

Some people have reported a bug where some in-game graphics are occasionally missing. The common manifestation is that you cannot see all the walls in the arena (or any walls!). You might consistently bump into something but you only see free space in front of you. Another way the bug shows up is that you cannot see your ship. Only the coloured highlight of your ship might be visible.

Quick workaround: Shut down the game and start it again.

This bug seems to be very dependent on your graphics hardware and drivers. We have a plan to fix this bug. Given the frequency it appears on the most bug-prone configurations, the bug is a big annoyance and it's definitely worth putting effort into eradicating it. It will take some time to make it happen, though, given that the bug is likely a result of some graphics operations that happen inside XNA and not Assault Wing code.

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